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The images which can be re-produced as Fine Art prints have all been created by Susan Graves-Walker. Susan studied Fashion and Textile Design and creates textiles for fashion consumption or for the interiors of homes, as well as shoe design textiles.


Susan Graves-Walker is an accomplished artist. She has recently been awarded her Masters Degree in Creative Collaborations and is embarking on the next phase of her professional practice. Susan orginally studied Fashion and Textiles Design and has continued to explore the intricacies of textiles design for the last 20 years.


Susan constantly seeks out new technologies to use to create textiles and is showcasing a fraction of her work on her website.


Susan also facilitates workshops for schools, community groups and surestart centres as well as adult education centres.

The images on the gallery pages, navigable via the sidebar on the left of this web-page are all for sale as individually signed and numbered limited edition artist prints. I offer prints onto various archive-quality media: matte water-colour paper and matte, semi-gloss or gloss photographic paper. Alternatively they can be printed onto canvas and laminated for extra protection. My images are printed to order up to A0 size or for commercial or architectural pieces, sized to customer requirements. Please note the images presented on this site have been deliberately rendered at low resolution - the originals are rendered for print at ultra high resolution providing stunning detail and colour depth!

Full terms and prices are given on my shop web-page.

What's New?


October 2007


I am now able to offer Evening and Daytime Workshops in all aspects of Art, Design and Craft. A list of my skills base is on my workshops page. If you require further information please email me or call me on the numbers provided on my contacts page.


September 2007


I have been researching and creating a CD Rom of Background papers. It is still in the consultation period, but hopefully, I will be able to put it onto my ebay site and on my website for sale shortly. I will provide a link to my ebay shop on this website and


January 2007


The start of the new year and the finish of my MA course, brings new opportunitys and new challenges at the same time. I have decided to compliment my workshop facilitation by also becoming a childminder before and after school. This is my website address Snuggles Childminding Let me know what you think good or bad. This allows me both time to experiment with new and interesting projects and also be available for workshops during the day and provide care for my own brood of children !! Juggling everything seems to suit me and I will be continuing to do this, for as long as I feel it is necessary. I am also embarking on providing an Ebay shop. This will be an eclectic mix of Arts & Crafts as well as fashion and household goods. When I have finished the finer points of this endeavour I will post the link here.

Shimmerfire recommends partner websites: Landschaft; my husband's site focusing on ambient and soundtrack music. There are lots of experimental music links, tips and a blog and a lot of visitors to this site will be into that kind of stuff and a visit is recommended! Also see my other site visit Suzies Shoeseum a showcase for my extensive shoes collection and the focus of my Masters' degree studies.

I have loaded the first in a running series of tutorials - the first is making shape multi-replications in Bryce. See the tutorial by clicking here, or navigate via Explorer tree 61-70 to the left.

What was New?

To keep my home page up to date and tidy, What's New items older than three months have been archived. They can be viewed here in my What was New archive.

Artist's Statement © is Susan Graves. I am located in Nottingham, England. Contact me by email at for an immediate response to your enquiry.

I am a Digital Artist as well as a Fashion Designer and Textile Design Artist with a wide repertoire of graphic skills in the abstract/surrealistic style, and I offer artworks for sale in my Shop. My skills span; graphic design; website design and the use of the computer as a digital laboratory. I have an extensive library of images available, and I undertake commissions to customer’s exact print/web-ready specification, including colour-scheme matching if required.

Shimmerfire is Digital Art, sumptuous in feel, freeing the soul. Digital Fine Art Fractal Prints are offered for sale reproduced using state of the art technology onto Durst-Lambda photographic media.

I have shown at Artist exhibitions in London, Nottingham and Lincoln as well as many online galleries.

This site is a compilation of CGI, sketchbook work, photographs, fashion and paintings. My CGI images are digitally designed true colour graphic art, building on the Chaos Theories of Mandlebrot, Julia and others. Each image is created using my unique orchestration of mathematical formulation and digital manipulation techniques, developed over 15 year of experience in art related subjects. It is also a representation of other design work I have undertaken during the past few years.

My Background as an Artist

I studied Fashion and Textiles Design in Nottingham on a two year fashion foundation course which enabled me to develop my skills. These early studies form the basis for a lot of my fractal work. My background includes study in fashion, textiles, fine art, graphic design, photography, databases and computer work. All of these factors have influenced the way I both look at and produce my images. They are all very important aspects of myself.

Each of my images is a unique culmination of several different techniques and formulae resulting in fractals that are genuinely unique and individual. I have been producing artwork for over 15 years and with this background I present to you, the audience, my Fractal Project.

This website is an ongoing fractals project and I am constantly adding to and diversifying the art I offer my public and other services.

This site will be updated and expanded frequently, so watch this space for more interesting images! Bookmark me and revisit at monthly intervals to see new galleries and services.

My terms and conditions

All images are ©Susan Graves 2000 - 2005. Permission of the copyright holder is necessary for all use, other than viewing the images in a web browser on-line, including for educational purposes. All images are Digimarked and will be detectable if reproduced illegally.

I am usually very happy, to help non-commercial educational establishments, organisations etc as long as my work is acknowledged and my agreed terms are adhered to.

Other graphics and 3d work, including clothing designed by Susan Graves and all contents of this web site are also © Susan Graves 2000 - 2005 and may not be used for commercial purposes or distributed without permission in any way shape or form. If you are interested in commercial use of my art or have questions about any use not stipulated please email your enquiry to me at



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Visit my other site Suzies Shoeseum, documenting my extensive collection of shoes


Visit my other site Suzies Shoeseum, documenting my extensive collection of shoes and the focus of my Masters' degree studies.



The Museum of Computer Art is a serious on line digital gallery with high quality control values. A must visit site.

 is a huge art links / directory site, to quote "Welcome to YourArtLinks, the largest directory of art related sites on the internet. Over 4000 unique art links for online art and galleries, emerging artists, resources, instruction and much, much more." Can't argue with that - except some of the links lead to teasers and dead ends.

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Commercial site run by Ad Lines, a publisher, agent and wholesale distributor of exclusive art prints and posters.

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artarchiv is a huge directory site offering art works for sale.


Discover is a multi-topic directory site offering some arts-based links.

 is a comprehensive art site browsable by topic. I am currently showing 10 images on this gallery.


Art Galerie 34 is a virtual art gallery - just like it says on the banner!



Well we all know who Amazon are. Nice people - if you click through this banner and make a purchase at Amazon, I get paid a small commission at no charge to you:) As if you didn't know already, Amazon is the biggest, most comprehensive web bookshop there is offering a huge array of products, many at below normal shop price.



Huge directory organised by UK Region and Topic. Wide range of subjects covered including the arts.



At Zazzle you can buy posters, prints, branded goods such as cups, t-shirts etc from hundreds of artists. If anyone wants me to load any of my non-limited edition images to Zazzle, email me at and I will, which will enable you to purchase at poster price. Note the image quality offered will be less than my fine art pieces, and will be subject to the quality standards and terms set out on Zazzle. I have also uploaded a number of merchandise with my images printed onto them the link for that page is*.



Obscure logo, cool site. London Art is one of the best English sites in terms of the quality of art offered. Contains thousands of pieces of high quality fine art for sale at realistic prices. I have work on this site! There is a "make an offer" facility, but be prepared for a roasting if you make a silly offer which offends the sensitive artist!



British site - it's even got an animated Union Jack flag! Loads and loads of fairly conservative images, but among the chocolate box stuff lurk some gems.



Classy well styled site covering everything you can think of about art, including a nice summary of the main art movements which is good for the kids homework! The Portfolios section is where you will find loads of work submitted by artists which is browsable by artist and topic.



SleepyShopper.COM: Where Shopping Begins


Sleepy Shopper, based in California, USA is a huge e-commerce directory (2.5 million entries when I made this link in January 2004) offering links to just about any e-commerce site you can imagine, worldwide. You can search by entering your area of interest into the box above - then click Search. Tip - a general search on Art will give you a wide range of sites (I got 7300 when I tried) - so be more specific in your search for greater relevance. Note - the site carries some links to adult-content sites.

 are an online branded goods site. I have placed a number of my images on a wide variety of goods which are offered for sale at reasonable prices on this site. Goods offered are clothing, bags, printed matter and even some pants - a fractal bum - just the job for a nice romantic night in. Click the graphic above to navigate straight to my goodies! Payment is by secure credit card ordering and is handled by Cafepress, not me, under their terms available on the website.



World Artist Directory's strapline is "Dedicated to the world wide distribution of information for artists and contemporary arts institutions since 1994". Navigability on this stite is a bit counter-intuitive, making finding anything by chance v difficult. Try entering a keyword however, eg Shimmerfire - and you get me! Seriously, the indexing seems to be pretty good, but you have to spend some time wading through stuff to get what you're after.

 virtual gallery


Well they could start by providing the whe world's best logo! ArtPromote claims to be the world's largest gallery for art prints and posters - appears to be a container site for Well they carry an absolutely vast range, so who am I to argue. Drill down into the Japanese category to see all the classics, and the prices are good. You can zoom into the image and there are useful croos navigation features like Related Categories which allows you to zero into a theme to find exactly what print you are after.

 virtual gallery is a well organised on-line gallery offering high quality art works from artists working in a wide array of styles. Click the above banner to go to my page in the gallery.



interarteonline has high quality standards in the artists it shows. The site also has a very comprehensive links page to public non-virtual (ie real!) galleries all around the world. Languages supported Spanish and English. I have a gallery on interarteomline.

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