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No website is complete without a links page! The first category, the Fine Art sites is followed by Affiliate Sites which contain links to sites I have a business relationship with, or have exchanged links and finally Music sites.

I also hope to present tutorials and links to tutorials soon, all closely in context with this website's topics, aims and objectives.

Fine Art

Below are links to websites of real (ie non-virtual)public galleries. Some show their collections on0line, some give exhibition diary dates. This is not a complete list, but contains most of the major UK museums and some other world famous galleries.

Hayward Gallery, England Located on the South Bank of the Thames in London, this gallery is one of the UK's leading galleries, showing top international touring exhibitions, as well as more localised shows.

ICA, England Located on the Mall just off Trafalgar Square, the Institute for Contemporary Arts is at the cutting edge of challenging modern art, showing conceptual, new media as well as traditional media. Well worth a visit if you're in London. Has it's own cinema showing arthouse movies every day at a reasonable price.

ICA New Media Centre Web based gallery showing some truly cutting edge new media works.

The Museum of Modern Art Located New York, USA. World-class gallery, very comprehensive website.

Rijksmuseum Located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. World-class gallery showing some of the most famous pics on the planet. Combine a weekend blow out in Amsterdam's "attractions" with a bit of culture, and you can't go wrong, or maybe you can...

Tate Gallery The Tate is a collection of galleries recently split into two - The Tate Modern, located on London's South Bank in an old converted Power Station, and the Tate Britain, remaining in the historic building on the North Bank, a bit out from the centre (nearest tube Pimlico) specialising in UK art across the ages, but also carrying high status modern international works. Also has two regional galleries, The Tate Liverpool, the largest modern collection outside London, and Tate St Ives a compact modern gallery, by the sea in this favoured haunt of artists.

The Art Institute of Chicago, located in Chicago, USA is a world class gallery, with a huge diverse collection - massive permanent collection. The European Art section on the website is superb.


Manchester Art Gallery, located in Manchester, England is ane of a number of Regional art galleries, born in the 19th century from the profits and culture of the Industrial Revolution. The gallery collection comprises some of the best art of the Victorian/Edwardian period

The Whitworth Art Gallery, located in Manchester, England another gallery funded from the profits of the Industrial Revolution and now part of the University of Manchester, houses one of the UK's principle collections of textiles and wallpapers, amongst other diverse exhibits.


The Courtauld Institute of Art, located in London, England is the UK's most overlooked gallery - but houses one of the most important Impressionist and Post-Impressionist collections in the world, along with other diverse art works.

Cartwright Hall, located in Bradford, England is a gallery endowed in the Victorian/Edwardian period, when Bradford had a thriving textiles industry. It contains an important permanent collection of British art.


Leeds City Art Gallery located in Leeds, England is a wonderful Victorian gallery with a modern glass and stone extension housing the Henry Moore Foundation and one of the most imporatant collections of 20th century art outside London. Highly recommended.

Sheffield Galleries and Museums Trust is the umberella organisation overseeing numerous galleries in Sheffield, one of the industrial powerhouses of the 19th century, and as such benefiting from Victorian patronage. The websire features the Mappin and Graves Galleries amongst others. Not the Mappin is closed for refuebishment until 2005 - see websire for details.

Nottingam Castle Museum and Ary Gallery is an important Regional Gallery, though the permanent collection is not quite as impressive as Manchester or Leeds. Nevertheless, well worth a visit for a few Victorian gems. Also hosts lots of travelling exhibitions. The grounds are very nice in summer - I recommend you spend an afternoon reading a good book in the grounds if you visit Nottingham, between shooping, and

The Walker Gallery, located in Liverpool England holds one of the finest collections of fine and decorative art in Europe. Superlative collection of pre-Raphaelite art - which the website shows to fine effect.

The Yorkshire Sculpture Park located near Wakefield, England (see webpage for directions) is a marvelous outdoor gallery of some 500 acres showing modern and contemporary 3d work by leading UK and international artists. Marvelous on a frosty winter morning, or a sultry August afternoon! Shows important sculptures by Henry Moore.

The Horniman Museum located in the suburbs on London, England (see webpage for directions ) carries one of the UK's most important collections of ethnographic art and is a truly representative example Victorian kleptomania.

The Victoria and Albert Museum, located in Kensington, London, England is an eclectic mix of art, crafts, ethnography and just about anything which was not nailed down when Victorian and later collectors were on the prowl. You name it, they show it!


The National Gallery, located on Trafalgar Square in the centre of London contains arguably the UK's most important permanent and loaned art collection, including the best collection of Renaissance art otside Italy. Go and be underwhelmed at Van Gogh's vastly overrated Sunflowers, and be awstruck by the monster sized Bathers at Asnieres by Seurat. The website is an e-shop where you can buy prints and fine art reproductions of the most imporatnt works in the collection.

Affiliate Sites

Below are affiliate links. Most have posted my work to their gallery spaces, and I am returning the links with thanks.

deviatart are an online gallery/community - currently one of my favourite sites. Lots of themes can be explored and discussed in this well designed, easily navigated site. Recommended.

Live Creations online gallery have included one of those swirly javascript mouse trail gizmos on their site - but it's quite a nice one! I feature in the online exhibition.

artifiction are a fully featured gallery and forum site. I show art on this site - and there's a photo of me to look at too! Go straight to my images by clicking the following link Susan Graves at artifiction.

daz3d make loads of add-ons for Poser - some of which are a bit naff (ya can buy a hairy chest wig for instance!!!). But there's no denying that Poser has opened up character based digital art so is included here to help Poser users widen their figure, wardrobe and accessory collections.

UK Arts n Crafts are a web directory of arts and crafts - you can buy prints and phone downloads etc..

espectro are a stylish online gallery. The following link Susan Graves at espectro takes you straight to my gallery which is a scrollable loop - and you are greeted by a photo of me!

interarteonline are a Spanish language online gallery. with an English language option Susan Graves at interarteonline takes you straight to my gallery.

CAGE - Cyber Art Gallery are a well established online contemporary gallery. The site is well designed, and is easy to navigate around. The art shown is of high quality.

Allinto Fine Art is a gallery and community. Well designed, and easy to navigate around. High quality control. The following link Allinto Susan Graves takes you staright to my gallery on this site.

i-artz.com logo

International Gallery of Arts at i-artz.com International Gallery of Arts is an online arts resource dedicated to promoting works from renowned and upcoming artisans from different parts of the world. This is a nicely designed new site - so new that at the time of posting this link, April 2004, only I and one other artist were posted. For other artists reading this, I recommend the site which seems to have high quality control standards, and will hopefully remain free of the cheese that is posted to some galleries.

www.custom-frames.co.uk Custom Frames are a high quality picture framer, based in Nottingham, England. I use this framer to mat, frame and ship my images - both for sale and my exhibition work. Custom Frames offer fast turnaround, excellent quality results and a friendly service!

www.net-art.it Italian (with English language mirror) site, virtual home of David Cirese a fine professional photographer who also hosts this high quality gallery links site.

www.skoeter.com Comprehensive site showing mainly 3d computer generated art, but some 2d stuff inc mine:)

www.about-arts.com Photography resources Huge directory of photography related websites and discussion groups. Lots of links to individual sites.

mpush.msolutions.cc Mobile phone image company - download images to your mobile! Very crisp, well laid out site.

www.worldartistregistry.com is a very comprehensive directory of artists giving CV and contact details of the listed artists.

www.allposters.com is a huge online poster store.

www.artforlife.co.uk are a terrestrial gallery located in Sherwood, Nottingham. The gallery shows my work; both fractal fine art prints and greetings cards.

www.hybridstudios.co.uk is an online database and research facility for artists and designers. I currently show images on the gallery.

www.surrealism.co.uk is an online database and research facility for artsits and designers. I currently have one image on this gallery.

www.renderosity.com is an online database, gallery and research facility for artsits and designers.

www.artquest.com is an online database and research facility for artsits and designers.

www.yah.org.uk is an online database and research facility for local artsits and designers in the Nottingham area of the UK. They are used by Local Authorities in the area as a source of new talent.

www.gallerysites.com is a database of gallery sites - very useful.

www.published.com is an online gallery and database for use by art profesionals. I currently have a listing in the Digital Art section.

www.artindustri.com is a classy well styled site covering everything you can think of about art, including a nice summary of the main art movements which is good for the kids homework! The Portfolios section is where you will find loads of work submitted by artists and this is browsable by artist and topic. Click this link artistportfolio to go straight to my portfolio on this site

www.portfolio.com is is an American company who provide a service to buyers, advertisers - mainly commercial buyers. You can put up to 5 images online for free, or you can pay a sum of money to put more than 5 on their site. This link takes you directly to my webspace.

www.alleycafe.co.uk Alley Cafe are a cafe/bar in the centre of Nottingham. They exhibit artist's work periodically, and take no commission for sales. The proprietors are genuinely interested in promoting young talent. Crisp fasy Flash based site.

www.vivaimaging.co.uk Viva Imaging are the Nottingham printers I use for producing my fine art prints. They specialise in photographic and digital printing and can produce images from home photography to industrial scale. Excellent website.

www.artistresource.com Gallery and showcase for Lauren Hershiser - witchy space drawings.

www.artguide.co.ukThis gallery site is under construction as of 14 June 2004

www.ad-lines.com Search under "Artist" then Susan Graves to view my work on this site.

www.artlistings.com Huge art for sale site.


ismudge.com Link takes you directly to my page on this gallery

www.artdepot.com Link takes you directly to my page on this gallery. The page lock in was not put there by me!

d'art.fine-art.com Internet Art Database

.: AaRtLiNkK :. Aartlinkk is - surprise surprise a links page! Lots of art media covered.

!tzalist Arts Directory !tzalist is another huge links directory. Check out the tatoos page on this site at !tzalist Tattos Directory The site is a bit irritating as it sometimes just opens another links page or search engine. If you're at a loss what to surf, however, you could do worse than follow the daisy chain of links - you never knw where you might end up!

PainterGallery.com Vast - and I mean enormous - artist links site.

www.www.artbystar.com Database of art resources and artists websites.

www.art-navigator.com International arts Business website, for listings of arts based subjects and websites.

www.uk-web-index.co.uk Uk Web index for all websites in the UK.

www.nationalassociationofart.com Free Gallery for artists to upload their own work automatically - very nice site !

www.gfxartist.com This link is direct to my page on this gallery website, only just joined so not many images on there at the moment - keep popping back to see what I add in due course.

www.connect-uk.org An arts and crafts organisation run by Kesteven District Council, it is free to become a member and you are then able to find funding partners, exhibitions and opportunities in the East Midlands Area.

www.3dmillennium.com A resource site for 3d art, but they also provide a resources page for all sorts of other gallerys and sites, such as this one of mine.

www.artareas.com A free gallery space which holds 8 images of mine, some are very very new and some are relatively old. This is a very smooth gallery and shows my images very well, I feel!!

www.Art.comk I have two paintings on this gallery.

www.frety.com A search engine, which I have submitted to.

www.Modazone.comk A gallery for all digital arts which runs periodic competitions.

www.aigam.com A comprehensive web directory.

www.artistsvillage.com A database of linked sites by category.

www.yourart.comk An artist web database.

www.TheHideaway.org A gallery and forum website where images can be uploaded for public view and comment.

www.nottsartists.org.uk An educational links site - my details are listed which will enable educational establisments to contact me (and others!) for work.

www.touchnottingham.com Touch is a family of sites, with one website dedicated to each county throughout the England. This link is to touch's Nottingham site and is a reference point for people wishing to find businesses in the Nottingham, England area.

www.Wetcanvas.comk A paintings website which promotes and sells paintings to clients, in a similar manner to terrestrial galleries.

www.MadZap.comk An American mobile phone download company, who have asked for some of my images to be made available to download onto WAP enabled phones.

www.mpush.msolutions.cc A UK based moblie phone download company. Gallery 47 on this website shows images which can be download simply and directly onto mobile phones.

www.KnottyDesigns.com An artist gallery.

www.uk.l-o-c-a-l.com A UK web directory for all areas of shopping and leisure.

www.sanesociety.org An artist gallery.

www.Artist Portfolio.net This site shows many of my images and gives a detailed description of me and my work to date.

The Webist Group An international movement, which is very active especially in USA and Europe, with group exhibitions and public shows of webist's work.

www.onart.com An artist gallery - this links to a gallery of my work.

www.skoeter.com An artist gallery - this links to a gallery of my work.

www.theartsource.comk An online gallery.

www.localartshop.co.uk This site is currently under construction, but I have been asked to give my input prior to its completion. I will review this link periodically to see if/when it is up and running:)

www.impactart.co.ukk An interior design company who currently stock my grapic and artwork.

www.freetransform.com An artist site with a very crisp user interface. Highly recommended.

www.artsublime.com/minad2004 2004 is the second year of this exhibition and you can see some of the top digital artists on this planet, showing their work together in one place !

www.dolce-play.co.ukThis is a fairly new gallery website, I have a number of images showing on the digital art gallery.

www.absolutearts.com This is an extensive gallery of artists and there is a free option to have 4 peices of your work on the gallery!


Tutorials links will be posted soon!


I am now producing movies and slideshows of my fractal art - I will be showing work in an outdoor projection in May and my partner Alan is producing some organic electronic music soundtrack. Here are links to our other music related affiliates.

Modulator Experimental Synthesis Project logo

www.modulator-esp.co.uk Modulator is Jez Creek of Nottingham, England. Jez is a hugely talented electronic musician in the Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, JM Jarre vein. Electronic sound synthesis and fractals complement each other nicely, and I hope to collaborate with Jez on some cover art for a future CD release. Gallery 28 for me, sums up Jez's music in pictures!