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Website Design Services Offered

Website design offered by Shimmerfire is modern and bandwidth friendly and my rates are competitive. This website is my calling card! Do email me at susan.graves@shimmerfire.co.uk for further details.

I recognise the importance of search engine ranking and incorporate ranking enhancing elements into my designs.

My designs are ulta slim and functional, incorporating brand identity and a modern slick look. They are multi browser compatible and suit the commercial or private customer alike. My website graphics are optimised for maximum quality and minimum bandwidth footprint.

Rates are competitive and negotiable depending on scale and content. I do not use Flash or database elements in my designs, and rely on standards compliant, accessible, navigation friendly layout. My websites are CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) driven for ease of upkeep.

I offer copywriting to a customer's specification, digital photography, graphic editing and post processing - in short the full end-to-end package needed to provide your presence on the web.

Website construction is tightly project managed and delivered to a timetable agreed with the customer.

November 2004 - Design, identity and site created for Landschaft, partner business to Shimmerfire. The site at www.landschaft.co.uk is the shop front for Landschaft who create ambient (for want of a more focused description) music. The blog and site are regularly updated and contains reviews and an excellent links page.

April 2005 - Design, photography, identity and site created for Daisy Designs, an art and fine textiles business. See the site at www.daisydesigns-textiles.com