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What was New

To keep my home page up to date and tidy, What's New items older than three months have been archived. They can be viewed here in my What was New archive.

December 2004 - I will be showing my work, including greetings cards, hand made silk bags fine art prints and paintings in the annual Old Market Square (Nottingham, England) Arts and Crafts Market on Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd of December. There are lots of affordable small hand crafted items ideal for Christmas presents priced from 2-50, so do come along and say hello!

I've added a links bar at the top of the this page for my higher profile activities, linking to my mobile (cellphone) downloads and other pages, and also three new gallery folders on the explorer, containing places for sixty new pages which I will fill soon.

September - November 2004 - How time has flown by! These last couple of months I have been busy gaining a business qualification which has enabled me to take the Shimmerfire business forward more effectively. I have also been commissioned to present a number of new workshops working with 14-16 year olds.

I am engaged in the early stages of planning a dance / technology fusion project co-working with a dancer friend and others involving projection of my still and moving images using a "beamer" projection system. I am very excited about this project!

I have experimented with sending a newsletter to some friends and established contacts and am looking at non-intrusive ways of widening this initiative which I hope will strengthen my ties with my community and commercial customers. I recognise I need to tread carefully to avoid offending sensibilities about spam.

I am planning how to make use of video and digital movie editiong to take forward and widen my art. I wish to take the ideas in my galleries and take them 3d and animate them and incorporate field recordings and sound. I hope to incorporate the work of my partner, who produces ambient music into this project. It would be nice to offer streaming video feeds into this website - but I might have to seek donations for the bandwidth! I am very keen to strengthen my community based work, perhaps offering movie making workshops and other participation events.

August 2004 - August is a busy month for me. I'm tutoring a series of 10 community based craft workshops with school age children. Exhausting, but rewarding! I have placed a record of workshops undertaken on my workshops page.

I have placed a gallery of mobile phone background images on the site in partnership with mPUSH. The process to transfer them to your mobile is straightforward, and is explained on the webpage - click this link to Gallery 47, or navigate to it via the explorer on the left. Also, at Gallery 32 I have posted a set of my recent fine art paintings on stretched canvas. Each piece is individually sized and priced as shown in the Gallery.

I also started a three month business course at the end of last month - to take shimmerfire to the next level.

I've loaded up a lot of new links to affiliate sites in my Links page. More to follow soon.

July 2004 - I've made a new gallery page dedicated specifically to images I have sold. The purpose of this gallery is to guide resellers who wish to stock the remaining images in the limited series. Either click this link to Gallery 46, or navigate to it via the explorer on the left.

I'm all fired up and enthusiastic at the moment - I did an arts market yesterday (12th) at the Broadway Cinema in Nottingham and sold a major piece. I've also just enroled on a business course to get me focused on the back office stuff. The Broadway is a wonderful arts center showing the latest international movies and promoting creative multimedia stuff. It's got a great bar and resaurant too! Well worth a visit if your in Nottingham.

I have completed the re-work of the shimmerfire banner. For those of you who viewed the previous iteration of my website, you'll appreciate the need for the redesign I think.

The first of the two websites in beta test (bug fixing) during June gets it's first tentative public airing - see www.landschaft.co.uk. As the site is frames based, there may be issues with the Easyspace (the site host) flyout advert appearing in each frame which I'll have to keep an eye out for and find a workaround if neccessary. Landschaft is my partner's musical identity, and the sounds are in the ambient / droneology genres. The Landschaft site will be developed over the next few weeks to hopefully incorporate mp3 snippets and a few other free goodies. I'll post details here as they emerge.

June 2004 - I've decided to remove the direct email hyperlinks from this site after careful reflection as I'm getting buried by very offensive spam. You can still email me though, but via a different method thus: To email me now, please create a new blank email, then paste the email address susan.graves@shimmerfire.co.uk into the To box. Then type your message and Send your message.

Shimmerfire has been busy over the last few weeks writing two websites - they're currently in beta test (bug fixing) at the moment and look very nice I think. When they're tweaked and ready I'll post the links!

May 2004 - Have included a load of links and weeded out some dead ones in the "affiliates" section on my links page.

April 2004 - Have been carrying out a little back-office housekeeping and developing contacts, hence no new images posted on the site for a while. I've put a marketing blurb at the top of the page to hopefully grow my website generated sales too. Over the next few days I will post a gallery/s of the images I have sold. Visit again early May 2004 to see them!

March 2004 - Free easy to install Windows Fractal Backgrounds in 800 x 600 and 1024 x 768 resolution placed in Gallery 045 with full instructions for installing them on your Windows desktop.

Upload of Aztec Workshop Gallery: Gallery 044 This workshop used Aztec designs as inspiration and a starting point and the children of a local school, under my guidance, produced patchwork tiles which were then sewn together to produce a vibrant mural.

February 2004 - Upload of Fashion Galleries, starting with Gallery 041 , Gallery 042 and Gallery 043 on 8 February. More Fashion Galleries to follow - so call back soon. My new re-styled logo is nearly ready too - expect to upload before the end of the month.

I've been busy this month conducting a photography workshop in a local school themed around the weather (well it is England...) - needless to say it rained but there were lots of dramatic clouds so there was no shortage of subject matter! I produced a movie from the images the children made and the school watched it it at assembly. I enjoy conducting workshops and commit 100 per cent - so visit my Workshops page and email me at susan.graves@shimmerfire.co.uk if you're in the Nottingham, England area and want to hire me for art related workshops.

January 2004 - Shimmerfire has undergone a long overdue makeover. The navigation is slicker, the footprint is smaller and the galleries are more user-friendly. The images are now optimised a lot more economically, making the site a more bandwidth friendly experience.

Shimmerfire now offers two new services, website design and fashion. For Website Design and Construction, see my Website Design Offered page for details. For Fashion, see my Fashion Galleries in Other Galleries 41 - 50 which will be completed very soon.

Site navigation is very simple - click a link or expand a folder on the left of the screen. The site is a broad, shallow design based around this central hub home page - you are never more than two links deep - to navigate back to home all you do is click the orange home or back link at the top right of the content pages.