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Revised and updated November 2004

Purchase Shimmerfire genuine fractal limited edition prints on this web page via Paypal which is a secure third party payment collection agency or (GB customers only) via posted cleared cheque.

  1. To purchase a print/prints follow these simple steps: Select an image or images from among my Gallery pages and write the image reference down.
  2. Decide on the size print you wish to buy (see my Price List on this page below).
  3. Please email me at susan.graves@shimmerfire.co.uk for a postage and packing charge and final bill amount.
  4. Pay the sum via Paypal.
  5. When Paypal confirm the payment, I will commission my printer to print your image and post it to you. Please allow up to 21 days from payment to delivery (it usually takes much less).
  6. I will email you to confirm I have posted the image.

About my genuine fractal prints

If you are interested in owning one or a number of my genuine fractal prints, please read on! My ulta high resolution fractal images are printed individually to order by my specialist fine art printer. All prints are in signed, dated, limited editions of 50.

The Fine Art Printing company I use prepares my images using a state of the art digital press. The images are printed onto Lambda paper using archive quality ink and paper stock, creating a truly professional print of photographic quality.

If you would like more information, simply click here to access my email address. Or if you prefer, telephone (+044) 0115 845 8960.


Price List: Fine Art Ltd Edition Prints

Greetings cards size A5
10 per pack of 5.

A6 (Height 11.5 cm x Width 14.8 cm)
15 (print only); 25.00 (Matted and cellophaned)

A5 (Height 14.8 cm x Width 21 cm)
30 (print only); 60.00 (Matted and cellophaned)

A4 (Height 29.6 cm x Width 21 cm)
60 (print only); 75.00 (Matted and cellophaned)

A3 (Height 29.6 cm x Width 42 cm)
75 (print only); 95.00 (Matted and cellophaned)

A2 (Height 42 cm x Width 59.3 cm)
150 (print only); 190.00 (Matted and cellophaned)

A1 (Height 59.2 cm x Width 84 cm)
300 (print only); 380.00 (Matted and cellophaned)

A0 (Height 1184.4 cm x Width 84 cm)
600.00 (print only); 760.00 (Matted and cellophaned)

Price List: Fine Art Gallery Standard Stretched Canvasses

Each of my canvasses is a unique work of art, and will not be photographed for a print run of any sort. I do reserve the right to publish a small low resolution on this website endorsed sold [date], but not attributed to the purchaser.

Blue Negative: 150-00

Genetic Code: 500-00

Karma: 350-00

Lights Out: 500-00

Sun Kissed Isle: 250-00

Postage, package and shipping: delivery cost is based on the size of image, number of images ordered, destination etc. - please email me at susan.graves@shimmerfire.co.uk to confirm price. Please see my detailed Postage, package and shipping section on this page below.

Terms and Conditions

All images on this site are copyrighted to Shimmerfire.co.uk/Susan Graves 2000-2005 and all rights are reserved. Graphics designed by Susan Graves and all contents of this web site are subject to copyright restrictions and may not be used for commercial purposes copied or distributed without permission. If you are interested in commercial use of this art or have questions about any use not stipulated please email me.

I reserve the right to stop offering prints at any time, and to make changes to the terms and conditions and services offered on this website. Note - any orders accepted will be honoured on the terms agreed.

Postage Packing and Shipping

All of my Limited Edition prints up to size A3 (296 mm x 420 mm) are matted, boarded and cellophaned, to the standard you would expect from a fine art gallery. They are packaged carefully to ensure they reach you in perfect condition. For bigger images please email me at susan.graves@shimmerfire.co.uk to discuss the best means of shipping.

The cost of postage and packing is in addition to the base price of the image and varies depending on destination. Please email me for a quote. I use insurance-covered postage.

You the customer will be responsible for any Customs duty or taxes payable. (Shipments are made from the United Kingdom.)


Payment must be through the PayPal payment service. If you are not already a member, it is FREE to join. PayPal charges the payment amount to your credit card and then sends notification when the transaction has been accepted. PayPal is a popular service and uses secure encryption to ensure transactions remain confidential (I don't get to see your credit card number). Most sellers on Internet auction sites such as eBay only accept payment through services such as PayPal. I will only ship the print when PayPal confirm the transaction has been accepted.

Bulk Rates

Bulk rates are available for 5 or more prints (note the editions of 50 per image will not be exceeded, so check with me via email for availability). Note - when bulk ordering, there may also be savings on shipping etc.

Reseller rates are available and subject to negotiation based on the reseller customer's requirements. Please email me at susan.graves@shimmerfire.co.uk for details.

Care and Handling

My fractal images are printed on a paper with similar properties to photographic paper. The printing process my printer uses results in a highly durable image, but the prints are, like any work of art relatively fragile and must be handled with due care and attention. Please follow the following commonsense tips to ensure your image stays in perfect condition.

  • Do not bend or roll the images - once the paper kinks or creases, the damage is irreversible!
  • Do not bruise the paper or drop objects on the surface.
  • Do not hang or store the image in a damp place.
  • Do not spill any substances on the image.
  • Do not get fingerprints on the image surface - they are impossible to remove entirely. If you do fingerprint the surface, leave it as attempts at removal will make things worse.

  • Do Hang the image away from direct sun light - the inks are durable, but no pigment is immune from the long term fading effects of light. A normal living room on a wall where no direct sunlight falls is the perfect place to hang one of my images. The images will however withstand short periods in a brighter environmnet such as exhibitions.
  • Do - ensure the framed image is hung securely, for safety's sake - I recommend a plugged and securely screwed picture hook.